Some of the stuff I offer

Web Design and Developement

  • * Small business web design specialist.
  • * Custom websites from scratch or template based (cheaper).
  • * Videos Tutorials to walk you through how to update yourself!

Web Redesign Makeover

  • * Is your existing small business website obsolete?
  • * Was your website designed by a friend/relative?
  • * Does your small business website embarrass you?

Why Choose RunSleepDesign for Website Development:

  1. Website Design + Project Management Skills + Fun
    Many small business owners have been avoiding developing websites for their businesses. We'll get your website completed and have fun along the way.
  2. Support A Local Gunnison, Colorado Web Design Company
    All web design work is performed in Gunnison, Colorado. I do not outsource my website design work. While most of my clients are located in Colorado, some are in other states.
  3. Website Clients Are Treated As Partners
    I educate my website clients about web design rather than confusing them with techno babble. I respect my clients - they're the expert on their small business, and successful web design requires collaboration.

Web Hosting

Do you need somewhere to host your site? Do you need to register your domain-name? Do your want an email that has your "" at the end of it to look more professional!

Your in luck! If you need a dedicated box or shared hosting, I am your answer. For a low monthly fee, I can manage, host and register your AWESOME domain name!

If you are looking for a SSL or Email option. Again, I am your answer to ALL types of website registration, domain, SSL, Security and Domain registrations!

Search Engine Optimization

There are a couple of different types of SEO!

  1. Organic - Organic SEO takes time. Content is KING. I will help you get the right metadata and make sure your website is getting CRAWLED by GOOGLE! I will help submit and code your website to get the MAXIMUM opportunity to get to the top!
  2. PPC Campaings - Pay Per Click campaigns are through either Google, Bing, Yahoo and FaceBook! This requires us to come up with a campaign budget that you and your business can acquire! This requires MONEY out of your pocket! This is usually a case if you have a product and/or trait you are trying to SALE and get RECOGNIZED! During this process, we look at your PPC and stats on a daily basis to try and tweak the campaign for the MAX amount of conversions!

Computer (IT) Help


** $50/hour with a 1/2 hour minimum purchase

Computer Running Slow? Need a tune-up or diagnostics check? ($100-$200)
  • Most people don't realize what programs or processes they have running or why it is running. Some programs may be bogging down your computer without you knowing it. This is a problem with most computers that come pre-loaded with a Windows Operating System. Why have unnecessary programs or processes running, it will only make your computer run slow. 9 times out of 10 after I get down with a normal computer, it will run 25-50% quicker than before, Guaranteed!
Spyware and/or Virus Removal ($50-$200)
  • Spyware Removal: This is probably the most popular problem home users face today. With an infinite amount of links, clicks, web pages and software a normal user installs today, they face a very good chance of accidentally installing spyware. This can cause your computer to run extremely slow. As with Virus removal, I specialize in removing spyware and better yet, I will educate YOU about spyware prevention.
  • Virus Removal: Do you have a virus? Do you think you have a virus? There are hundreds of thousands virus' waiting to infect your computer. I do virus removal and better yet, I do virus prevention and education to keep those critters out of your system!
Home Networks: (starting @ $50 for basic setup)
  • Do you want to share files with the computer upstairs? Do you want to the ability to print from any computer in the house.
Secure Wireless Network: (starting @ $50 for basic setup)
  • Anyone can go to their nearest computer store and get a wireless router to share your internet with other people in your home. The problem with that is you are probably sharing your computer and internet connection with your neighbors or worse yet a WAR Driving hacker that can access all files on your computers. I can set this up securely. So you can rest assured that your personal information is safe.
Email Configuration: ($50 for basic setup)
  • Experience your email in a whole new way. I will configure, transfer and make sure your email is getting virus scanned completely. Email is Pop 3 forwarding.
Upgrades: ($50+)
  • Want a bigger hard drive or better video card? Do you want to speed up your computer with more memory, well, I can do it all; from: cd rom, dvd-rom, memory, processor, fan replacement/upgrade.
Data Recovery: ($150, 2 hours)
  • If you are one of the unfortunate people who can't even seem to boot up -- your system crashed, there is a good chance we can recover your files on your machine.
Networking Printing: ($100)
  • Want to print form any computer in the house? Let the professionals set up a print server for you to enjoy.