/ Brian Riepe

Testimonials Aug. 31, 2011 Comments
"We challenged Josh with creating a completely custom website to compliment our print publication. With multiple admin options, an e-commerce page, credit card processing, and image and video upload management, our needs are always changing. Josh is always quick to respond to our needs, his expertise has help guide us in our decisions, and we are very pleased with the product."

Forest Hills Swim Club

Testimonials May. 13, 2011 Comments

"Josh has been able to manage input from multiple people in our organization, and to coordinate their various needs into one well-designed, up-to-date website."

Jenni & Greg Everal

Testimonials Mar. 5, 2011 Comments

"Our website was established in 2007 by Josh,  he has done a fantastic job in providing us with his services!  He's there whenever we need him,  fast and reliable!"

Maren Eberly

Testimonials Jan. 4, 2011 Comments

"When I think of Josh, I think of a person with an amazing work ethic who loves and yearns to learn.  If you question whether Josh will be able to do/make/fix something - he will be able to - there is no question."