Jack Black - Dragon Ice Relief and Recovery Balm review!

Run / Josh Eberly 2/4/11 Comments

I have been fortunate enough to be testing new products for Jack Black Performance Remedies! I have been using their products for the last 6 months now and can't get enough of the Dragon Ice Relief Balm!

In the summer time, it is really easy to ice the legs for recovery. In Gunnison, we are lucky to have the Gunnison River run right down the street from us. So after runs and workouts, we go down to the "river" and ice the legs and let Marley (our dog) muck around in the water. Most of the time you will meet other runners and or athletes doing the same thing down there. There is also a neat River Park, where you can watch the Kayaks do their thing.

Anyways, back to the review. So as all athletes know, it is pretty tough to get into an ice bath once you run in 5 degree weather for 90 minutes! So, I found the next best thing!

Black Dragon Ice ReliefSay hello to my little friend : Jack Black Performance Dragon Ice Relief and Recovery Balm! This stuff is the shizzle! I was skeptical at first, but now I am in can't get enough of it.

Usually after hard runs or workouts, I apply the balm 30 - 60 min's after the workout. Once I am out of the shower and dry. It takes about 2 minutes before your legs turn to "Ice" and the "Relief" starts to pour in! It feels great on the muscles, and I found that it really does speed recovery (like the ice bath)! Make sure to apply it liberally.

The smell is very pleasant and it doesn't leave a sticky residue like the other creams you have used. I have used a lot of creams in the past, but this one smells the best. The Willowherbs really gives it a distinct smell that you start to crave,

Well, I am not pushing this on anyone, but just wanted to share my experience with this product. Yeah, it is a few more dollars than icy hot or tigers balm, but once you go BLACK, you never go BACK!

If you want to order, I suggest ordering their Performance Pack for $20 bones!! It comes with lip balm, sun screen, dragon ice relief and turbo wash (which I also love). These are smaller tubes, but they are well worth it for $20.

Go here to order!