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5 Best things you can do for SEO

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is one of those viral “trend” words going around this year. 90+% of my clients have asked me about SEO and it’s benefits. Whether you are super busy or looking for your first client, I feel EVERY business should NOT ignore the value of SEO in their space.  I’m […]

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

A website that is mobile responsive is that which users can access even from their mobile devices. A mobile responsive site is that which is designed to automatically change itself to give the mobile user a normal experience that is perfectly suited to their device. Website owners, therefore, should make sure that they are designing […]

What is a CMS – Why You Want to Use One

Today, any business that wants to keep pace with the competition that exists on the internet must have a great website. For any business to have a great website it must focus its attention on the content and overall look of the website. Performing all these tasks is known as content management of a website. […]

Domain Registry SCAM- Don’t fall for this!

Being in the business for 15+ years, I have spotted quit a few scams. Whether it is in your email or snail mail – these guys are creative. There is a reason why this is a mulBe well iti-billion dollar industry. My business owns  around 20 domains, so getting phished or scammed is a daily […]

Why You Need to Invest in a Good Website Manager

In the early 1990s, businesses that utilized the profitable marketing opportunity that internet offered back then really made huge profits. Back then the businesses purchased domain names and enlisted the services of web designers and then just ended the deal there. For them once the websites that they wanted were up and running the deal […]

Why Web Hosting is Vital to Your Business

Any serious business needs to have an online presence and what better way to have this presence than with a good website? Having a website for your business gives it more leverage over competitors that don’t have websites. With a website, internet users are able to learn about your business offerings such as your product […]

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

A password manager is kind of software application that is designed to automatically create very strong passwords for users. This usually helps the users to be able to have strong passwords automatically created for them especially when they are opening a new account on a website. A password manager also saves all the passwords of […]

Why Choose a Local Web Developer?

There are just so many things that you need to look at before you make a decision whether to choose a local web developer to help you develop a website. Of course, there are pros and cons to opting for a local web developer. Many things will come into play when you want a website […]

Why You Want a Website

There are lots of benefits to having a website that makes ignoring the prospect of having one a misguided idea. In this digital age we live in, almost a third of the world’s population use the internet to interact with each other. The best way for anybody who is keen to market himself/herself to an […]