Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Mobile Responsive Design

Having a Mobile Responsive Website Design is vital to any Business!

A website that is mobile responsive is that which users can access even from their mobile devices. A mobile responsive site is that which is designed to automatically change itself to give the mobile user a normal experience that is perfectly suited to their device. Website owners, therefore, should make sure that they are designing websites that are well optimized even for mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. Better still if your website is mobile friendly it ranks better in Google meaning that your ranking there will go up.

Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Your Website to be Mobile Responsive

More people are now using mobile devices to access the internet than ever before

It is no secret that the number of mobile users who access the internet by way of their mobile devices has surpassed the number of PC users. It is estimated that now more than 80% of internet traffic comes from users who rely on their smartphones to access the internet.

What this means is that if your website is not mobile optimized, then you will be losing a very big percentage of potential customers to your business.

It is cost effective

The cost of maintaining separate sites for both your mobile and non-mobile audiences can be cumbersome and costly. You can simply have a website with a responsive design to help alleviate for you the headache of having to maintain two separate sites. When you have a mobile-optimized website, you will find it easy and cost effective to maintain.

It offers more flexibility

Websites that feature responsive designs are so easy to manage. If there are changes that need to be made, they can be done quickly and easily. Having just one responsive website that’s optimized for mobile devices alleviates for you the hassle of having to do changes on two websites. Having this type of flexibility makes it easy for you make changes quickly on the site without wasting time.

Enhanced user experience

One of the most important things that website owners need to ensure is user experience. Your website visitors will like your website if they have a wonderful experience on it. They can only get this if your website is well optimized. People usually take unresponsive sites to be unprofessional and if they visit it for the first time and realize it isn’t responsive they may never even return to it. When you have a responsive site that users even with mobile devices don’t have to zoom and scroll, then the content there will be viewed fast and thus a better chance for conversion.

Better SEO Gains

Serious businesses with websites use SEO to help them rank highly in Google search results. The higher your website rank in Google search results, the better your chance potential clients will find you! When your website is well optimized, your SEO will also greatly improve because Google has a tendency to give preference to websites that offer better user experience.

Help is a click away!

If you need help optimizing your website to fit the modern day computer ( phones ), then reach out for assistance. We will carefully audit your site and give you options on the best way forward. All new clients are built with scale in mind. We create professional websites with this in mind. Being able to optimize how each title, image, video and or button looks on a screen is vital for success in your business.

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