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    Buddyboss Development and Design

    Luke Humphrey Running - Buddy Boss Development and Design
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    Luke Humphrey Running - Buddy Boss Development and Design

Luke Humphrey Running has been a long time client. Every 4-6 years, we try and modernize and enhance the LHR Community. Run Sleep Design used the help of Buddy Boss to create and manage a fun and engaging community that will help engage members and subscribers to an endurance based discussion. During this massive transformation, we migrated to a new membership module which will help simplify the services offered by Luke and his team. Disclaimer- I am a Coach at Luke Humphrey Running as well !

  • Features

    • Responsive Design- Buddy Boss migration/integration
    • Custom User dashboard
    • Intuitive user workflow and experience
    • Recurring and one time payment options via Membership module integration
    • Conditional customization’s based on active membership
    • Final Surge API custom hook development
    • Payment Gateway integration
    • LearnDash integration for customized Courses

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