What is a CMS – Why You Want to Use One

What is a CMS – Why You Want to Use One

Today, any business that wants to keep pace with the competition that exists on the internet must have a great website. For any business to have a great website it must focus its attention on the content and overall look of the website. Performing all these tasks is known as content management of a website. So what basically is a CMS? Well, in a layman’s language CMS is a content management system. That is a form of application that makes it easy even for inexperienced website owners to be able to easily manage their websites.

Reasons Why You Should Use a CMS

A CMS Makes it Easy For you to Easily Manage Your Website on Your Own

Perhaps say you are a website and you want to add something to your website e.g. an item, event or image to any of your web pages. If your website was developed by an independent web development company and was hand-coded, then you’ll have to contact that very company to do the task for you.

However, if you were using a CMS application, the work would be easy for you as you will simply just add wherever you wish to update all by yourself whenever you want it done. This way you will not have to have to wait for your web development company to help you get your website updated. You essentially eliminate the hassle of having to wait for another person to do the work for you.

Even Without Coding Skills You Can Still Manage Your Site

A CMS application makes it easy for you to make simple and easy changes to your web pages without you having to know advanced coding languages like HTML, etc. You simply just rely on the CMS platform to make edits to your website and press the publish button and there you go! – Everything is published.

A CMS Makes it Easy for the User to Easily Perform Internet Marketing

Most CMS applications make it easy for website owners to integrate their aggressive online strategies quick, fast and effective. The CMS applications usually feature tools for SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and blogging. The other thing that a good CMS system can help the website owner do is collect donations, online payments and create event registrations for their users, etc.

Features to Look for in a CMS

You will find various CMS options available in the market so it may just be up to you to choose one that will best serve the needs of your business website. Here below are some general good features to look for in a CMS:

  1. Flexibility; a good CMS should be one that is flexible and can adjust to various needs of the website.
  2. Ease of customization; choose a CMS that is easily customized to your unique website’s needs.
  3. Has good support; ensure that the CMS has a great support staff that will be more than ready to help when issues arise.
  4. Hosting; this is such a vital component to any website. Without good and secure hosting, then your website is a sitting duck to vulnerabilities and security breaches. Read more about Web Hosting here.

At Run Sleep Design, we specialize in the popular CMS- WordPress. They have been the leader in this market for many years. We have had other projects using the popular e-commerce CMS- Shopify as well.  Every site big or small could be migrated over to the WordPress platform. Contact us today if you are curious about this service.

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