Why Web Hosting is Vital to Your Business

Why Web Hosting is Vital to Your Business

Any serious business needs to have an online presence and what better way to have this presence than with a good website? Having a website for your business gives it more leverage over competitors that don’t have websites. With a website, internet users are able to learn about your business offerings such as your product and service offerings. That said, it must be understood that the bottom line isn’t just about having a website. Once you have website, it must have a hosting platform, this is the platform that puts the website on the global platform that is the Internet. It is very important for your website to have a good hosting service in order for it to operate effectively, efficiently and competitively.

So What are the Facets of a Good Web Hosting Service

There are several factors about web hosting services that you need to consider before you finally decide to choose any given web hosting provider.

Here below are some good features of a good web hosting service for a business website you should consider:

1). The Web Server’s Reliability and the Server Uptime

When choosing a hosting service for your business’s website, you need to look at its reliability. How reliable is the hosting company? Is it a kind of server that will be operating 24/7 without going down? You definitely don’t want your website to be hosted on a platform that will sometimes go offline, thus denying your business the online presence it should have all the time!

The web hosting service that you choose should be one that operates a strong server featuring the best hardware with a stable network connection. To be confident, it is best to choose a web host that features server uptime that is at least 99.5% uptime score. Going for anything that is below this rating will only cause trouble for you and cost your business the income you dearly want to protect.

2). Has a good Backup Solution

There are times when websites crush owing to various reasons which may include; a hacker attempting to interfere with the website’s index.php file or damaging the website’s database. These are problems that you need to be well prepared for and what better way to mitigate against such risks with having secure and reliable site backup in place? With a reliable site back-up, your website will be restored back to operation in case of a crush. A good web host service provider, therefore, should have a great backup.

3). Features Enhanced Security

A website needs to be hosted on a platform that features enhanced security features that will come in handy to protect it from attacks from hackers. A good web hosting company needs to feature extra security measures such as SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). This feature offers added security to web owners when they upload files to their sites against potential attacks from hackers.

4). Well Maintained Server

A server that is regularly and well maintained will be less likely to be successfully attacked than one that isn’t. To confirm this, make sure you check that the host has a published security protocol. Please note that may not be a guarantee that the host does regular maintenance and upgrades.

So, as you can see if you are serious about your business, you should be serious about your hosting solution. Contact us today for to see if our Fully Managed Website Hosting is right for you!

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