Why You Should Use a Password Manager

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

A password manager is kind of software application that is designed to automatically create very strong passwords for users. This usually helps the users to be able to have strong passwords automatically created for them especially when they are opening a new account on a website. A password manager also saves all the passwords of a user in one single place where the user can lock by a single but secure master password. What this means is that any user with a password manager may only need to memorize just one password where the rest of the passwords are stored.

Besides just securing all of your passwords in one single place for you ease of access whenever you need to, a password manager also has lots of other exciting features. These may be things like your current password assessment, auto-fill, plugins, and two-step authentication, etcetera.

So Why Should You use a Password Manager?

Having a strong password goes a long way to ensure that your account’s security is tight and strong. The problem is that not everyone out there is usually capable of creating a strong password for their online accounts. As you create multiple passwords for different websites, it is important to make them invincible to potential hackers.

With a password manager, you will be able to easily create very strong passwords that will make your accounts secure. A password manager also stores all your different passwords for varied accounts in one place for you. All you have to do is simply create one single master password that will store all of the other passwords you have of the many other websites.

If you have good password manager software you will be able to create reliable, strong and multiple passwords within just seconds.

A PC that has a password manager app installed on will automatically fill in the user’s login credentials with only just one password, the master password.

When using a password manager app there is no need for you to worry about the security of your stored passwords because the manager features two-step authentication for extra added security.

I personally have been using LastPass for several years now. I have the premium plan ( $24/year ), and have never looked back. Having a modern cell phone with a “fingerprint” recognition, LastPass takes advantage of this resource. So while using my Apps , Emails, Banking and other Website material on my phone, I can easily access my password vault via my fingerprint.

Using this bio-metrics is so convenient for using this Password Manager. Now ALL of my passwords are long and impossible to remember — the only way a password should be!

So What are Some of the Top Password Managers?

You should be able to find lots of password managers on the internet, however, you should do a thorough research on any given password manager before you decide to use it. You can go about this by searching for user reviews and only opt for that one that enjoys honest and positive review from users.


Last Pass Password Manager

LastPass is one of the top password managing softwares you will find around. It is so user-friendly and usually allows users to be able to create limitless passwords that are strong and secure.

Among some of the amazing features of LastPass, are; login credential syncing for many browsers, defense against any possible phishing websites, and its ability to store notes.
LastPass will store your data in secure AES-256 encryption, a very strong data protection key that you will find in the industry.

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